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T-shirt printing

Our company offers you a print of T-shirts very cheaply and at the same time quality. Our assortment tends to be 100% available in warehouses, so the delivery of the goods ordered is very fast. You can choose from a fairly wide range of various assortment.
T-shirt printing is ideal for those bored with ordinary monochrome shirts, or they want to buy clothes for example with their favorite slogan and the like. If you order goods over five thousand crowns, you will not be credited with the price of the transport, so you will surely pay to buy T-shirts, for example, for sports team, family events and so on.
Large selection of clothes
The printing of T-shirts is not the only one you can use with us. The offer includes, for example, sweatshirts, polo shirts, sports or work clothes. It only depends on your choice. Contact us and we will gladly advise you. For example, we recommend the new ROLY 2013 catalogue.